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Anne Whittle

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Beauty, Crime and Mr. Rochester…

It feels really odd to blog…I know its essentially just another form of my diary ( sans the skull and crossbones doodling and the lovingly illustrated proclamations that I heart Amos South) so I’m going to just go with the flow….
When I told everyone I was thinking about doing this, my mom moaned and said that I mustn’t use any four letter words or be overtly subversive ( he he, moi ??) and my friend Ramona Green asked me to use this as a platform to find her a new boyfriend
(She’s moved on from Alan the Baked Limpet, thank God) so if you would like the full-unabridged list of requirements for her Prince Charming, give me a shout. I think she culled several of them from Alanis Morissette’s 27 Things I want in a lover anyway. I know I’m supposed to be preparing for my exams, but I’ve been watching Jane Eyre on DVD. I love it! , I always get chills during the Jane Eyre /Mr. Rochester reunion… Bella says its bad enough that I enjoyed it as a setwork book, but the fact that I actually sat through the entire series when I could have been checking out Jared Padalecki on Supernatural was beyond her. Other than that I’ve been playing Suzanne Vega’s new album Beauty and Crime constantly…there’s a song called Zephyr and I that basically recalls a 1970’s childhood..and that really struck a chord with me because its so nostalgic and I wondered what it would be like when Scar and all my other friends are older..will we all talk about the good ol’ days?? Oohing and aahing over school pictures posted on Facebook..will I ever want to be 17 again? Right now being 21 could not come a moment too soon
Enough rambling, here’s a couple of lines from Suzanne Vega’s Zephyr and I
Well the wind kicks up in the smell of rain
The kids are gone but the souls remain
The grafitti’s gone and the walls complain
The flowers go but the earth must still remain

Cheerz… Ruby x


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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">John Dovey</a>
    John Dovey
    June 18th, 2007 @17:03 #

    Welcome Ruby! Great post from a great character. I look forward to hearing a lot more from you!


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